ABOUT ME                                                


Morningstar Ashé is a New York base Certified Makeup Artist and Hairstylist. Morningstar has always been inspired by seeing the beauty in things people would not normally find beautiful. That has been her inspiration from young and introduced her into the world of makeup and later hair. Since a child she has always struggle with hyperpigmentation and acne scars and never felt beautiful until she laid her hands on Black Opal Foundations that changed her life forever. It was that moment that she realized you could do anything with makeup. Morningstar graduated from High School of Fashion industries, where she learned the world of fashion and a glimpse of the makeup industry through the lens of fashion.  She decided to attend Make-up Designory to pursue a career in makeup and expand her portfolio by taking the Master’s Program which she graduated in August of 2021.

She looks forward to getting into the TV/ Film world as well as doing print, fashion, music videos and more. She will continue to grow as a Makeup artist and not limit herself and skills.


“The skies the limit is for some, but I am trying to go beyond that”